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October 9
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i set fire to the rain
May 22, 2011 || 19:20

But there's a side to you that I never knew, never knew
All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true
And the games you'd play, you would always win, always win
- Set Fire to the Rain, Adele

Guess who's back... back again. Okay, Eminem mode off. Anws, hello lovelies :D This is one of the best weekends of 2011 so far. Hehe. Chalet was great :) Spent quality time with Daddy's side of the family and yeah. I ate alot yesterday and today and there's match with Yuanching tomorrow :( I know I repeated this for like 987654325678 times already but who cares. I wanna play at Republic Poly! We all do. Gooooo Bdiv! I have faith in us and I believe that we can make it to the finals if we play hard enough tomorrow. Pray for us yaw guys? Excursion tomorrow too. Not looking forward to it because I have to wear ugly uniform -.- PE with skirt homgz, seriously?! #fashionfail Rahhhhhhh! Okaybye.


zip your lips like a padlock
May 19, 2011 || 19:40

Say heyyyy hooo :D Wasssssssssssssup. It's Thursday. Tomorrow's Friday. I'm no longer looking forward to weekends because they also feel like weekdays. I still have to come back to school on Saturdays so yeah, it's like...yeah. Anws, this week have been pretty good so far. Got back my results for MYE papers :/ Overall it was disappointing. I know I can do better but well, I sort of deserved it cos I didn't study hard enough. Nuff said. Hehe. Check them out.

EL - 60%
ML - 61.5%
EM - 73%
AM - 76.25%
Physics - 57.2%
Chemistry - 56.7%
SS - 60%
Geog - 48%
Econs - 63%

So yes, I only failed Geography and that's really really really sad because I just failed it okay! Rahhhh. As you can see, my grades range all the way from A1 - D7. You name it, I have it :) Haha. Gonna study my bum off this June holiday, work especially on my Sciences. Alrightey, have a gooooooooood weekend cos I know I'm gonna have one. Chalet with family :) Awesumzxc. Heh. So most prolly won't be online till Sunday. Miss me alright. Love yah :*


it just felt great
May 18, 2011 || 20:43


armed with an attitude
May 17, 2011 || 21:26